Welcome to the 7-Day Challenge for Praise Band Auditions!
Here’s how it works:

You have 7 days from the date we sent you this weblink to work up the following songs below,
for which we have provided mp3’s and chord charts.

Within that timeframe, please send us separate video links for each song, of you playing your parts while the mp3 recording is playing on an audio device in the background.  While the quality of the video doesn’t have to be stellar, we will be looking for your ability to learn the parts, having the right tone, tempo control, dynamics, etc.  You can send your video links to mike.beachy@mycrossroads.co, and can use your smartphone, tablet, private YouTube or DropBox link, etc.

Please learn these songs exactly as the recordings.  For songs with multiple parts recorded for your instrument,
please play a combination of the parts that would include both critical lead and rhythm parts,
as if you were going to be the only person on that instrument for a given weekend service.

- He Is Faithful -

Key of (g)

- In Christ Alone (Passion/Kristian Stanfill arr.) -

Key of (f)

- I See Heaven -

key of (f)