Crossroads Career Ministry

Facing a crossroads in your career?

Are you seeking a new job because you are unhappy, unfulfilled, or even bored at work? Crossroads Career Ministry was designed to help you discover and follow God’s calling in your career. It provides the framework to discover and move toward fulfilling our individual destinies through group and one on one discussions.

Discover your purpose and set a plan to achieve it!

The mission of the crossroads career ministry team
Educate, equip and encourage people who are seeking jobs or careers  

 Meet with our career ministry team
We are available for assistance, one on one meetings, and calls. If you are seeking a new career path, find yourself unemployed or need encouragement, please email the team to ask a question or schedule a meeting:

 Career workshops are held throughout the year
In group settings, we will help guide you to discover and follow God’s calling in your career. You will hear from people in different professions provide guidance on resume writing, interview skills, and strategy to equip you with the tools necessary to find your next job. This will also be a great networking opportunity to meet locals from the Concord, Harrisburg, and Charlotte area!

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