Mike & Keila Dawson | Christian Light Ministries | Venezuela

Mike, Keila and Mia Dawson are missionaries in Venezuela through Christian Light Ministries. Mike was born in the jungle to missionaries, Joe and Millie Dawson. Mike and his brother continue to run the Christian mission started by their parents in order to bring people to Christ and disciple them. They live over 300 miles from the nearest town and hospital so their greatest need is for air support so that people can be air lifted out in cases of emergency and to get needed supplies.  An airplane is being built for them. The government forced all other missionaries to leave the county in 2006. Mike is the author of “Growing up Yanomamö” a book detailing his experiences growing up in the jungle and “I Can See The Shore.” Both books are available in the Missions Marketplace in the Crossroads Café.

For more information, email ulijiflyer@gmail.com