Chris & Robyn | United World Mission's | Belgium

Chris and Robyn are part of United World Mission’s (UWM) Belgian team and it is their goal to have a relevant evangelical church within the cultural reach of every person living in French speaking Belgium. They strive to assist the national Church in achieving church growth by planting of indigenous, self-supporting, missional churches that impact their culture and reproduce themselves. They live in the metropolitan region of Brussels, and serve as Managing Directors (Robyn – Volunteers, Chris – Finance) with Serve the City – Brussels. They encourage people out of their comfort zones to volunteer for the numerous not-for-profit agencies throughout Brussels neighborhoods. Chris and 2 other missionaries are forging a partnership with the Catholic Church to renovate empty church owned property into mixed income multi-family residences with community centers that will encourage neighborhood revitalization. They are also hoping to utilize volunteer skilled tradesman from the evangelical churches in the region to train at-risk youth in viable job skills as the buildings are renovated. Chris and Robyn are members of Crossroads Church.


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