Scott & Jennifer | Adventures In Missions | Granada, Nicaragua

Scott and Jennifer are serving in Granada, Nicaragua, with Adventures in Missions. They have 4 children: Jordan, Joshua, Hannah and Journey. (The first 3 children are young adults living in the USA and Journey is with them) The focus of their ministry is to transform lives through spiritual, social and economic change by sharing the word and the love of God in order to first restore relationship with the Lord, and then within the family. Scott disciples men who are struggling with drug or alcohol abuse to help them be the men that God has called them to be. The closer they draw to Christ, the more they become good husbands, fathers, providers, and employees. They are involved in children's Bible studies and feeding programs, and also partner with local pastors and other non-profits in order to build unity in the church community.
Crossroads sends teams to assist them in their ministry outreach.