The Coates | Kenya

Randy, Becky, Nichole and Joel Coates have served in Kenya since 1997 to facilitate an indigenous church planting movement among some of the “least-reached” people in the region. In 2014 they saw the birth of their 50th church in formerly unreached communities. Their primary mission work is among the Turkana people in the arid Northwest Corner of Kenya. The Turkana are geographically isolated people whose culture has been largely untouched by western influence and modern development.  They are among the most vulnerable and impoverished Communities on Earth and less than 3% of the population has been exposed to the Gospel. Through the years God has moved miraculously across the region to see community after community saturated with the Gospel. They have witnessed the Holy Spirit appointing and raising anointed leaders to pastor their own people. These men and women are their heroes and co-workers. Initially they raised 7 key pastors who became the spiritual leaders over 35 churches. In 2012 they ordained 11 more indigenous leaders. And in 2015 they have recognized another 23 leaders who will eventually be full time pastors. The Coates have also facilitated water wells being built and food being delivered where people are starving. In 18 years Becky has led a team that has trained thousands of children to love Jesus and His Word with the view that children can be disciples too.  Each year some of those children mature to become the teachers: now training the next generation. She invests most of her time each week training and preparing the leaders who will teach God’s word to the children. Crossroads has sent several teams over the years.