- Praise Choir -

 Is a larger group of vocalists that sing with the Praise Band usually a few times a month, and also for special seasonal offerings as needed.  Ability to read music is helpful but not required.

- Praise Vocalists -

Are active members of the Choir who have auditioned for and demonstrated suitable skill and stage presence for singing background vocals with the Praise Band and Worship Leaders.
They sing with mics both in the Choir and as needed on non-Choir Sundays.

- Worship Leader -

Is a position that is by invitation only from the Worship Arts Ministry Staff.
Individuals are invited into a such a role based on their previous experience as well as giftedness, anointing, and calling.


Fill out an initial application online

Email a video demo link of your singing to . 
You can use your smartphone, tablet, private YouTube or DropBox link, etc.  
The idea here is to give us a base-line idea of what your skill level, tonality, and vocal range is.


Invitation to start singing & rehearsing with Praise Choir.  

To audition as a Praise Vocalist

Must sing in Choir faithfully for one semester prior to auditioning, and continue serving in Choir as an active Praise Vocalist.

7-Day Challenge

We will provide you with several worship songs to work up lead and harmony parts for, and within 7 days,
you will send us video links of you singing those parts.

Personal Development Plan

If you are in need of personal skill development before moving forward,
we may provide resources and ways for you to do that on your own.  Or we may also choose to work with you closely
for a season in order to help you reach the “Development Benchmarks” needed for success.
The length and nature of this part of Phase II varies per individual.


You made it!  You can now move into regular rotation as an active team member.


While being a professional singer is not a requirement for serving as a Praise Vocalist at Crossroads,
we do strive for excellence because we believe it honors God and also allows for a cohesive team that is able to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in creating deeply moving corporate times of worship.  

To that end, below is a list of “development benchmarks”
that are looked for in singers before moving them into full active rotation as a Praise Vocalist.

- Praise Team Vocalists -

- Basic improvisational skills
- Vocal Skill
- Sings with excellent pitch, tone quality, control, and breathing
- Reads music or learns parts quickly by ear
- Can memorize and carry a part by his/herself
- Has good voice blend with others—doesn’t overpower, but is strong on his/her part.
- Stage experience
- Sings and blends well with live band and other vocalists
- Learns to maintain good pitch while using in-ear monitors
- Stage presence
- Exhibits confidence rather than nervousness or arrogance
- Fits the song style, has a contemporary sound
- Uses appropriate moves and gestures
- Is comfortable being on live camera-feed/screens.