• Crossroads Church Staff •

Senior Leadership

Lowell McNaney

Senior Pastor

Bobby Dionne

Associate Pastor

Kim Bumgardner

Director Of Operations

Walter Charles

 Worship Pastor &
Young Adults Community Pastor 

Nancy Friend

Missions & Outreach Director

Lenny Stallings

Family Pastor


Dane Appleyard

Technical Arts Coordinator

Randy Bass

Congregational Care Director

Jennifer Brown

Music Director

Phil Bumgardner

Sound Engineer

Kim Dawsey

Operations Coordinator

Anne Dehlin

STARS Preschool Director

Alicia Franklin

Worship Specialist

Leigh Garcia

Communications Manager

Meghan Hendry

Youth Coordinator

Chris Illiano

Creative Media Specialist 

Aleida King

Hispanic Director

Mary Ann Mitchener

Adult Ministry Pastor

Rob Neely

Facilities Manager

Anita Simpson


Kim Trull

Director of Children's Ministry

Cindy Tubbs

Elementary Coordinator